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My Motivational Quotes

Everyone should motivate themselves during their bad times. Below are some of my motivational quotes which helped me to move on.

Vijay Tej Anumolu - Entertainment

Make sure entertainment as Life event in your life

Life is not fully entertainment and life shouldn't be ended up being work machine. You have to make sure entertainment is in part of your life with new friends in every moment you live

Vijay Tej Anumolu - Ambition

Make sure to acieve ambition in your life before you die

Ambition or goal should be in your life and have to seriously work on it to achieve it. Make a plan in your life and work hard. If its related to technical field, Gather information from every corner of library book shelves to online material which is widely available on internet.

Vijay Tej Anumolu - Life

Capture every moment in your life

Life is mixed up with bitter, Sweet, Spicy tastes. You shouldn't be down on hard times and attitude in your achievements. Be humble to everyone. Life has all flavours while you pass by. Enjoy everything and don't waste your time with ego and revenge. Just pass by if you don't like that moment.


I have done my Bachelor's in Computers Science and did my masters in Texas A&M University. I love to explore new technologies and my aim is to start technology related Business in my home town.

  • “Most of the things in life are moments of pleasure and sometimes there are moments of embarrassment; Make yourself strong during embarrassment and try to enjoy every moment of life.” — Vijay Tej Anumolu

  • “To me, living is an art of observation in your whole life. You shouldn't turn yourself as bait for some ones fish net.” — Vijay Tej Anumolu

  • “Life is not for distracting from your goal. Keep track everytime on achieving the target” — Vijay Tej Anumolu

  • “The life we are living is a dream of millions out there who can't live as we do. So please value it.” — Vijay Tej Anumolu

  • “It’s weird that people out there are wasting their lives in ego. Avoid this and live peacefully.” — Vijay Tej Anumolu